With medicine today becoming increasingly complex, our Avant Grants seek to support initiatives that improve quality, safety and professionalism, in medical practices and for individual practitioners in Australia.

Our vision is to provide strong leadership within the medical profession, focused on continuous improvement in safety and reducing risk for doctors, their practices and patients.


The grants aim to provide funding to support research, leadership training and education projects designed to make a real difference to how medicine is practised – in particular, the systems and processes. We believe this is key to creating sustainable changes, enhancing patient care and continuous medical improvement.


How will you make an impact on the future of medical practice?

The Avant Grants fund medical practices and practitioners in Australia.


Priority research topics for 2023

  • Doctors’ health and wellbeing
  • Telehealth and virtual care
  • Fragmentation of care
  • Medical leadership/quality improvement leadership
  • Understanding patient complaints
  • Prescribing, including drugs of dependence and e-prescribing


Since 2012, Avant has supported young doctors research to promote better patient outcomes. Learn more about how we inspired young doctors to change the health system for the future during 2022 through our Avant grants Early Career Research Program.

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Avant Grant Applicants

Avant Grant applications are open to:

  1. Medical practices that hold a practice medical indemnity policy with Avant Insurance Limited.
  2. Medical practices that hold a current subscription to PracticeHub and
  3. Medical practitioners
    • who hold a professional indemnity insurance policy with Avant Insurance Limited (excluding Intern/RMO and Doctor in Training policies) in a practitioner category of practice,
    • who are an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or permanent resident of Australia, and based in Australia.
    • who are a practising medical practitioner registered with the Medical Board of Australia.

Medical practitioners applying for an Avant Grant must be project leaders responsible for the design, execution and management of the project. If a project involves other people, you must confirm their consent to you being the project leader. Grants are awarded on an individual basis, and other parties are not eligible to receive any part of the grant. You must have the support of your employer if you are applying on their behalf.

  • Expressions of interest: November 2022 - February 2023
  • Detailed applications: March - April 2023

Stage one criteria include:

  • Relevance of the project to the objectives and purpose of the Avant Grants
  • The project type (e.g. research, education)
  • The project topic area (e.g. domains of quality improvement, professionalism)
  • The leadership experience of the project team
  • The design of the project

For more information please email avantgrants@avant.org.au.