Making a difference

Avant is committed to improving the way medicine is practised. By providing funding for research, training and education into quality, safety and professionalism in medical practice, we seek to have a lasting impact on healthcare delivery and the Australian community.

We have seen that the landscape of medical practice in Australia is becoming increasingly complex and we understand healthcare delivery needs to evolve to anticipate the changing needs of patients. These changes will lead us to a safer, sustainable future for healthcare with enhanced patient outcomes and better managed risks.


Our scholarships, sponsorships and grants programs are one way we assist members in making sustainable changes to medical practice and patient care. 


Dr Marie Sinclair DitRSP recipient
I'm so grateful to have the funding from Avant and to have been able to concentrate on research. There are very few unbiased sources of funding for medical research.
Dr Marie Sinclair
DiT Scholarship program recipient 2013

Areas we invest in 

We fund projects designed to improve clinical practice or health policies. We focus on projects that contribute to sustainable cultural change in medicine. Our main grants and scholarships are:


Want to know more?

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