Practice managers have become key decision makers in today’s healthcare practices. They increasingly drive the implementation of new systems and processes that lead to better patient care. Recognising the critical role they play in medical practice, Avant has partnered with AAPM to support practice managers' professional development through a scholarship program.

With healthcare becoming increasingly complex, the way a practice is managed plays a critical role in patient outcomes. The Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM) supports practice managers to adapt to the changing environment to enhance healthcare delivery and better meet patient needs.

Avant is committed to advancing medical practice, and with practice managers an integral part, we have partnered with AAPM since 2014 to provide the Avant AAPM Scholarship Program. 


The program offers three fully funded scholarships to study a practice management course through University of New England Partnerships (UNEP). 

Practice managers can apply directly.

  • Avant / AAPM Scholarship applications open: 20 July 2022
  • Avant / AAPM Scholarship applications close: 26 August 2022
  • Review of applications: 5 - 9 September 2022
  • Announcement of Scholarship recipients: 12 October 2022

To be considered for a scholarship, you must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Be a full financial member of AAPM or the main contact of a full financial practice member. Non-members can apply for membership prior to applying for the scholarship
  • Currently employed in a healthcare practice as a practice manager (or similar role)
  • Completed a minimum of Year 12 education level or have a minimum of three years’ experience in practice management
  • Meet any other entry criteria for the Advanced Diploma/Diploma/Certificate required by UNE Partnerships for admission into the relevant courses.
  • The scholarship will fund the course fees for the practice management course nominated by the applicant. Recipients need to be prepared to cover any additional costs associated with the nominated course and complete the nominated course of study within three years of the granting of the scholarship.

More details about scholarship criteria

Terms and Conditions

Avant and AAPM – promoting better practice managers

Since 1979, AAPM has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare practice management for better patient outcomes. The non-profit, national peak association supports the professional development of practice managers, to improve the quality of healthcare and patient experiences.


Through Avant’s long-term partnership with AAPM, we empower practice managers through education, giving them a greater awareness of practice risk. The Avant / AAPM Scholarship Program is one of the programs we have designed in conjunction with the AAPM to achieve this aim.

The scholarship is a wonderful opportunity for people like me to undertake extra study and really focus on what it means to be an effective practice manager.
Alexandra Miguel
2015 recipient

2020 scholarship recipients:

Tracey Coyne, RaRMS Health, NSW
William Hermes, Kingsway Dermatology and Aesthetics, NSW
Codie Field, Quilpie Medical Practice, QLD
Majella Beagley, Boronia Medical Centre, VIC
Molly McDonald, Tasmanian Obstetrics & Gynaecology Specialists, TAS


Tips for a standout Avant/AAPM Scholarship application

Focus on: two previous scholarship recipients

Jodie Boyce | Practice Manager, Breast and Endocrine Centre, Newcastle | 2016 recipient

For 16 years, Jodie has been Practice Manager at Newcastle’s Breast and Endocrine Centre. She manages day-to-day medical practice operations and monitors practice efficiency. She has also successfully led a review of practice policies and implemented changes to continually improve patient services and business effectiveness. 

To date, Jodie’s other achievements in her medical practice include: 

  • Developing an induction and training program for new employees
  • Coordinating the successful accreditation of the diagnostic imaging for the practice
  • Compilation, currency and implementation of the clinic's policy and procedures and legislative requirements 
  • Undertaking systems training of all administrative staff.

For Jodie, the Avant/AAPM Scholarship has provided an opportunity to develop her understanding of staff management, risk management and compliance so she can ensure the Breast and Endocrine Centre continues to provide the highest level of patient care.

Alexandra Miguel | Practice Manager, Hunter Plastic Surgery,  Newcastle | 2015 recipient

After switching careers from corporate to medical practice management, 2015 Avant/AAPM Scholarship recipient, Alexandra Miguel now manages Hunter Plastic Surgery in Newcastle, NSW. She leads a busy team of plastic surgeons, nurses and administrative staff. Working at the medical practice since its inception eight years ago, Alexandra wanted more formal training to bring to her role. “My learning has been very organic in the medical field. I haven’t got a huge understanding of all the aspects of running a practice,” she said. 


Alexandra won the scholarship for the Diploma of Professional Practice Management at the University of New England on her second attempt and hopes it will allow her to gain new knowledge, while providing a strong foundation for the practice. 


The training will also help Alexandra develop risk management processes to ensure the practice is safe. "In plastic surgery, I think one of the biggest risks is not meeting patient expectations, so improving our consent and documentation processes to help us talk our patients through the process is always of merit,” she said. 


“It’s not only having the documentation, but making sure you follow all of those processes that are set in stone. Making them ingrained in your practice, rather than something you refer to only when a problem arises.”


Alexandra is grateful to Avant and AAPM for considering how important education is for medical practice managers and practices themselves and for providing the scholarships.


“The scholarship is a wonderful opportunity for people like me to undertake extra study and really focus on what it means to be an effective practice manager. It’s a wonderful gift that Avant and AAPM are giving to people like me,” she said.