Avant Foundation scholarship recipients
Support quality, safety and professionalism in the practice of medicine
Bring your innovative ideas to improve quality, safety and professionalism in medicine to life with Avant’s grants and scholarships in 2017/18
Emeritus Professor Kim Oates AM Avant Foundation board member
Avant Doctor in Training scholarship recipient
Make a difference to the future of medical practice
Avant’s 2018 Doctors in Training Scholarship supports young doctors by providing funding for research to improve the practice of medicine and patient health
Dr Susannah Ward 2016 Advancement in medicine grant recipient
Avant quality grants recipients
Create safer systems for better patient outcomes
With Avant's 2018 Quality Improvement Grants you can implement your ideas for safer medical systems that reduce risk and enhance overall practice quality
Avant Quality Improvement Grants 2016 recipients
AAPM scholarship recipient
Become a better practice manager
The 2018 AAPM/Avant Scholarship supports your professional development so you can implement stronger practice management systems to enhance patient outcomes
Jodie Boyce 2016 Avant AAPM scholarship recipient
Interplast student placement program winner
Help rebuild lives
Witness life-changing surgery with Avant and Interplast’s 2018 Student Placement Program. Be a part of this volunteer health service, providing free surgical treatment to Asia-Pacific communities
Julie Graham 2017 Interplast Placement Program recipient
Making a difference with Avant's research grants and scholarships

Avant supports doctors at all stages of their careers by providing funding to improve quality, safety and professionalism in the practice of medicine. In doing so, we are supporting those who seek to make a difference to medical practice and the community in Australia. Our current research grants and scholarships include:

  • Avant Foundation® Grants
  • Avant Doctor in Training Research Scholarship Program 
  • Avant Quality Improvement Grants
  • Avant / AAPM Scholarships for Medical Practice Managers 
  • Avant and Interplast Student Placement Program
About Avant Foundation
Avant Foundation logo

Established in 2017, Avant Foundation’s mission is to invest in research, education and leadership programs that improve quality, safety and professionalism in medicine. We are committed to advancing the future of medical practice by:

  • Funding projects that improve quality, safety and professionalism to benefit patients and the community
  • Partnering with other healthcare organisations to foster a culture of quality, safety and professionalism
  • Supporting programs that reduce medico-legal and clinical risks
  • Raising awareness of these funded programs in the medical profession, to increase their overall impact.

We welcome enquiries and applications from healthcare organisations and individuals.

Spotlight on grants and scholarships designed to make a difference
DIT recipient

Our Doctor in Training Research Scholarships empower tomorrow’s medical researchers. By supporting Australia's promising young doctors in their life-changing research, we help them promote better patient outcomes, while advancing their careers.

Avant foundation grant recipient

Committed to the advancement of healthcare, the Avant Foundation invests in a range of research, education and leadership programs for healthcare entities and their medical practitioners that lead to an improved culture of quality, safety and professionalism in medicine, reduced medico-legal risk and better patient care.

Avant quality improvement grants recipient

Our Quality Improvement Grants reward innovative ideas and sustainable solutions that improve systems in medical practice to reduce errors and enhance patient care, for better outcomes and a safer future.

AAPM scholarship recipients

Avant and the Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM) have partnered to offer scholarships that promote continued training and professional development for medical practice managers, leading to better-managed medical practices and improved patient care.

Interplast placement program winner

Witness life-changing surgery with Avant and Interplast’s 2018 Student Placement Program. Be part of this volunteer organisation, providing reconstructive surgery as well as training for local medical professionals in Asia-Pacific communities.

Supporting the advancement of healthcare
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Local and national support

$1.2m in support in 2016/17 for medical colleges, associations, societies, universities and partnerships, supporting doctors at all stages of their career to advance the provision of healthcare 

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Building strategic partners

Avant invests in leading medical education and research and advocates through key industry forums with a view to influencing better healthcare and better patient outcomes

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Supporting quality and safety

Avant supported ‘Australia’s first Roundtable for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety’ in 2016, allowing thirty young healthcare professionals from Australia to collaborate with local and US experts for an intensive workshop